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Your Style....What is it?!

Your Style....What is it?!
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We all have our own individual style, some of us know what that is & some of us struggle with it. Even though I have been designing & making clothes for a long time, sometimes I get lost & can't really pinpoint my style either so it's good to take a step back & see what our wardrobe looks like & why we gravitate towards certain things. I think this also changes with age as I can guarantee you, you won't see me flaunting a little mid-riff top around town at "my age"!!!! 

Generally though, I would say my style is classic with a unique twist on the classics. I love clothes that are versatile, that are easy to wear & that are suitable for the situation I find myself in. I also would go for quality over quantity any day although I think my husband would disagree with the quantity thing....

I design clothes that are classic, timeless & ageless. I know I have many customers in the 40-50 something age group who have shared their Bellicious wardrobe with their 20+ year old daughters, a testament to their versatility.

Here's my gorgeous mother-in-law putting her style on our new collection linen pants. They are a classic design with a unique twist & she has teamed it with a classic black top. Perfection!

So if you're not too sure what your style really is, my advice is to look for classic timeless pieces that you can add your 'taste" to whether it be a funky bright top worn with classic black pants or a statement piece of jewellery on a classic top (eg. navy ruched top).

But don't over do it....I am a big believer in "less is more".

Happy Styling :)

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