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Limited Edition
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One of the roles I do as a designer which I absolutely love (any other sewers out there will understand), is sourcing & buying fabrics!!! It is sometimes really hard to find what I want but when I do, I go into over drive. I can't wait to get my hands on the fabric & make it up to see what it looks like. Everything else gets pushed aside for this to happen.

When I REALLY love a fabric I have a tough time deciding which design to go with as it could look amazing in a number of different designs.

But in keeping with my "boutique" approach to the label, I only buy fabric in limited quantities so the most I ever make in any design is normally between 10 & 20 pieces. I think this is important so one, you as a customer don't see yourself everywhere & two, I get bored easily & I am ready to move onto something else!

So when you buy from me you are not only getting something made with love locally but you are also lucky enough to be one of only a few wearing that particular design!

Sue xo

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