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Behind the scenes of my new collection

Behind the scenes of my new collection
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Where do I start?.......I guess at the beginning as it's quite a process. It's not just a matter of a design popping into my head, I cut out some fabric, sew it up & there you have it.

I have always designed from fabrics, they are predominately my inspiration. I know what I love & what I don't like & over the years I have learnt to trust my style & my taste as it seems to work! I also have designs in mind when I am looking at fabrics for a potential design. 

The next step is to draft a pattern so I can sample the design. I make any changes that are needed at this point & when I am happy with it, I get my patterns graded from XS to XXL in most designs.

To put the designs into a collection, I have to do some maths.....I have to figure out how many sizes I need in each design, the quantity & then how much fabric I need to meet these requirements......THEN I place an order.

Cutting is the next phase & probably my least favourite as it's so "messy" & fiddly & my workroom looks like a war zone! This can take several days to complete. Next I get my team of sewers into action & they sew like crazy to meet the deadline for the collection release.

My focus turns to the photoshoot, marketing & getting my new designs onto my website before....I start to put ideas together for the next collection!

As you can see, it's quite a process but I LOVE it & I hope you love the designs I come up with each month. Sue xx

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